Written by Susanna Hjelm 3rd of July, 2020
1. You can tailor your message and offer to each client and increase your chances of creating a business that benefits both of you
Do you have a web developer or graphic designer who gives you useful tips on how to package and present your offer to your dream customers? Not? If you have the time, it is worth investing a little energy in designing your own text and your offers so that your customers and clients understand what is unique about your ...
Written by Susanna Hjelm 13th of August, 2020
1. Do you know your personality traits?
No one is born to be a star on parenting, computers, video games, public relations, teaching, sales, math or (any subject). But we all change and can develop to become better at what we love to do or aim to learn. There are some prejudices about e.g. salespeople, that you have to be outgoing and loud when it's mostly about listening to customers and being clear in your communication....
Written by Susanna Hjelm, 25th October, 2020
1. Your end goal should be to work with something that you love!
What would you do if you could do what you thought was most fun and be able to make money from it? Today's technology can work wonders for small to medium-sized companies in order to compete with larger corporations, but what you need is no to overuse technology but to use it in the right way to be able to expand your business online. A well-defined goal with revenue target as well as a strategy and an action plan for how to achieve it is essential for success...
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