7 Reasons why all entrepreneurs should pick a niche, establish a proof of concept and be rich #1
Written by Susanna Hjelm, 13th of August, 2020
1. You must deliver a message that resonates to your customers needs

Do you have a web developer or graphic designer who gives you useful tips on how to package and present your offer to your dream customers? Not? If you have the time, it is worth investing a little energy in designing your own text and your offers so that your customers and clients understand what is unique about your service but also all the benefits of hiring you!

So what do you do to create a win-win situation in a way that the client thinks is good? First, you need to think through which company you turn to, what their sales are and what their goals are with their project. What does your ideal customer profile look like? You need at least one profile that becomes your avatar, and then you fill in with more avatars of your customers.

2. Create an avatar - an ideal customer profile

It can be a challenge for many to create an avatar - but it's really just a matter of being able to be clear in their message and maintain their position as a specialist in the large market.
What exactly is an avatar? Well it's an archetype of the qualities and conditions your ideal customer has for doing business with you. It can be anything from age, role, area of ​​responsibility to what leisure interests it has, and what type of company it works in, but above all what challenges it has to e.g. the move to the new office should be as good as possible.

3. Do your research on your client's challenges, needs and goals for using the product

Lighting, color choices, technology, furniture ... yes, everything should be ready before the inauguration after several months of planning. Not least, the employees must enjoy the premises that have been renovated, live in their new workplaces with the new equipment and they must above all be able to use the new system for booking conference rooms ...

4. Package your offer with clear benefits in an MVP (Minimal Viable Product)

It does not have to be perfect - it's better to start than to postpone. You may need to make a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to test and see what customers think is good. In addition, it is easy for you to do a lot of extra work that customers do not need - or even appreciate. Unnecessary work is a waste of time and your client will appreciate that you have focused on what is most important to them - without a lot of extra effort that they still do not need.

5. Ask for feedback on your offer and your MVP

Before each project, it is important to be clear in the communication and then it is a must that the client understands your offer and why they should care about the benefits of it. For example, you might offer to include an external lighting designer in your project to make a professional layout and choice of lighting. The advantage for you is that you can charge more and the result as a whole will be better than if you did all the planning yourself.

The client needs to understand the benefits of bringing in a lighting designer, which you can then demonstrate with various projects that the lighting designer has done, e.g. in a store and tell about what positive things the lighting has done for the sale.

Susanna Hjelm

Susanna Hjelm is an expert in helping her clients automate their sales process by implementing marketing systems that attracts the right customers and clients online to the clients website. If you are interested in getting more clients through a simple process for digital marketing - schedule a free strategy session with Susanna today.
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