7 Reasons to why all entrepreneurs should pick a niche, establish a proof of concept and be rich #3
Written by Susanna Hjelm 25th of October, 2020
What would you do if you could do what you thought was most fun and be able to make money from it? Today's technology can work wonders for small to medium-sized companies, but what is needed to use the technology in the right way to be visible online is a well-defined goal as well as a strategy and an action plan for how to achieve that goal!

Here are 7 quick hacks to find out what you love and how to market it!

1.Take an inventory of your Google search history and look at what topics you enjoy reading about and gather important clues as to what things you are drawn to to learn more about (and I'm not talking about scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed).

2. Search on social media for people who are interested in a particular type of hobby and who relate to your product or service that you want to create. For example, look at pictures and videos of people doing things you dream of doing! For example, if you like home decor and design, you might be able to catch yourself and look for these types of ads on Facebook.

3. Ask your friends and family what they think you are passionate about or what kind of task they would trust you to do for them or a business. It may sound strange, but sometimes people we know, love, and regularly hang out with know much more about ourselves than we do. You just need to ask them to name 5 things or characteristics they would describe you with or like. and now you have important clues for your business idea!

4. Look at your search history on Youtube, books in your home, magazines or blogs you like to read for inspiration. YouTube is a search engine, which means that you have great opportunities to use tags in your videos and then increase your chances that people will find you when they search on Youtube or via Google.

5. Search different job sites for the professions or jobs you want or people with different descriptions of themselves on Facebook, LinkedIn or company websites. It's a fun task and do not think about what you can do or not do right now. See what catches your attention and reflect on why a particular job title seemed so interesting to you that you stayed a moment longer than other job titles.

6. Look at your own website and design your content to your dream customers needs
Imagine the customer's situation and how you can make your website a resource for your customers. It may be that you want to turn your website into a sales tunnel where customers can interact with the site so that they get a tailored shopping experience plus they can buy the products directly with the push of a button! If you do not know how to do this or have time to learn how to do this. My advise is to hire help, e.g. a marketing consultant specialising in the areas you are not good at, so that you will have a website that converts leads to clients and customers!

7. Drive traffic to your website from social media and search engines via mailings or ads
It has never been easier to understand and get in touch with people both offline and online. The Internet has really made it possible for small and medium-sized companies to level the playing field against the larger companies that have more resources, but they are also more difficult to control and e.g. get through decisions and implement changes such as. marketing strategies.

As an entrepreneur, you are more flexible and you also have every opportunity to attract customers from your larger competitors by registering your website on Google, making and posting simple information videos on Youtube but also by advertising, for example via your company page on Facebook. Not to forget, your personal profile on Facebook is very underestimated and also powerful once you have identified your ideal customer.

Susanna Hjelm

Susanna Hjelm is an expert in helping her clients automate their sales process by implementing marketing systems that attracts the right customers and clients online to the clients website. If you are interested in getting more clients through a simple process for digital marketing - schedule a free strategy session with Susanna today.
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