7 Reasons why all entrepreneurs should pick a niche, establish a proof of concept and be rich #2
Written by Susanna Hjelm 3rd of July, 2020
1. Do you know your personality traits?
No one is born to be a star on parenting, computers, video games, public relations, teaching, sales, math or (any subject). But we all change and can evolve to become better at what we love to do or aim to learn. There are some prejudices about e.g. sellers, that you have to be outgoing and loud when it's mostly about listening to customers and being clear in your communication. It often takes time to become good at what you love to do, but when it comes to training an ability, people who succeed have a certain type of character to be successful in their sport, their job or as entrepreneurs.

3. Look at yourself with a magnifying glass
Creating new habits is something we do all the time and it is through a test like this that you can aim for what you want to achieve and who you must become to succeed. The first step in your journey to become the person you want to be is to find your current character. If you want, you can test your personality type via the link: https://www.16personalities.com/sv/free-personality test

The Myers Brigg's test is a personality test that researchers are not at all to trust because it can give different results when one and the same person does the test several times over a longer period. And this is where the research may lag a bit because you ignore the fact that people change and that is incredibly good news for you who believe that you are and remain the same type of person. Then we basically have experiences that have shaped us, which means that we act based on a special pattern of behaviour because we have learned that this benefits us and makes life better or more stable in some respect.

Decide what you want to be good at
So, if you are a person who wants to develop to be able to better handle different situations no matter what it results in, and make changes in your private life as well as in your career and professional life, you can take the Myers Briggs test. Then you will find out what personality you have and then you can also see and learn what you would like for strengths in different situations.

4. Identify your and your customers' opposites
Have you heard a friend tell you about a movie he or she has seen but without comparing it to a movie or situation you have actually seen or seen? The brain has a hard time forming an idea of ​​what things are like if there is no comparison between good or bad, now and then good and evil or smart or stupid. It is impossible to know if a thing is good or bad without having a comparison between two directly opposite situations or opposites.

6. Set Smart Goals and Create New Habits to Achieve Your Goals
It can be a little helpful to analyse your current personality and character to see how you are and act in different situations and then decide if it is something you need to change to create other habits or get different outcomes or results from how you yourself reacts in different situations and interacts with other people.

7. Become your own superhero
When you start looking at the person you are now, your habits, behaviors and thought patterns and compare yourself to what your superhero has for habits, behaviors and thought patterns, it is my strong belief that you can become more like your superhero. Examples of questions:

Who are you looking up to?

What "light" and "dark" traits, positive and in the eyes of society, abilities have your "superhero"?

Who do you hate to think about?

What "bright" and "dark" traits, positive and in the eyes of society, abilities have your "evil enemy"?

What challenges do you have to face?

What personality traits do you need to develop to get there?

Susanna Hjelm

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